Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our little world traveler


Wow, it has been way too long since we last posted. To all our loyal fans (Keri) I apologize. We had an awesome time in Europe and I hardly even noticed we were pregnant, minus losing about half my dinners =). When we left we were 8 1/2 weeks and when we returned we were 12 weeks.

Feeling much better when we returned we had our second OB appointment and after we heard the heartbeat racing away at 160 BPM we felt excited and relieved to share our news with the world! Calling everyone monday July 14th was such a fun and special time.

Telling our news to my coworkers was another fun experience. My friend made me a special hat with the words "special delivery" written all over it and over the course of the day people slowly began to catch on. It was such a relief to be honest and open with people and to let my own excitement begin to grow!

Now that I am in my second trimester (weird) I am feeling a lot better. Nausea is subsiding, food is sounding better and energy is starting to return. Although naps are still a welcome luxury, or should I say "siesta". My husband has been nothing but elated since I told him and his excitement grows along with my belly.

These are exciting times for us and we look forward to our next OB appointment with Dr. Drake on August 8 at 11:15 when we get to hear the heartbeat again! We will post again after that and hopefully be able to make more regular updates!!

July Blog Pics
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Keri said...

Its about freakin time! Just kiddin - thanks for posting pictures for your old sister in Idaho! Love you!

nate and anne said...

hey you guys! Such a cute blog! :) Those Europe pictures make us jealous...maybe we'll plan a trip there someday. Keep the belly pictures coming! :)

joshandliz said...

Your tummy looks great! I'm sure we'll talk about all of this tonight but mine isn't looking that hot. I'm just thick all around. I think you're about 7 weeks ahead of me. (?) Just wanted to say hi! Can't wait to see you at Janessa's wedding!