Thursday, August 28, 2008

3rd Anniversary!!!

Well, Neal and I have made it to the three year mark! We had a great day together, even though I had to work until 7pm and Neal had traffic court =). But don't worry, by using his powers of persuasion he was able to get out of his ticket ( or he went to a class and the cop dismissed it, thanks for the tip dad). I was surprised at work with a beautiful bouquet of flowers that were brought in by the cutest delivery boy ever, followed by a homemade masterpiece of chicken tetrazzini ( yum). Then we watched The Office reruns to catch up on our fourth season and then went to dessert at Pix Patisserie. But of course we forgot our camera in true Douglas fashion. All in all, we had a great anniversary.

Baby bean is doing well. We had an appointment August 8th and everything checked out fine. The heartbeat was strong and we even heard the baby kick, even though I didn't feel it at the time. The ultrasound to find out the sex is scheduled September 4th so you can expect a report then! In the last week or so I have been able to feel some kicks at night which is very exciting and even Dad was able to feel it for the first time 5 days ago. Here is pict of my belly at 18 1/2 weeks and growing larger every day. Maternity clothes are becoming more and more of a necessity.

My sista is comming to town on Friday for the long weekend so it will be a weekend filled with fun and family! Looking forward to our next post when little bean will have a sex!


joshandliz said...

Yay!!! How exciting!! You are so cute and totally will be disappointed to see that I barely have a baby bump (I want to have one!) Anyway, you are adorable. Can't wait to spend time with you at the wedding!

Laura Jean said...

Hey yo!! Just found you through Kaylin's blog! WOW!!! Congratulations on baby douglas on his/her way!!!! You look wonderful :)

p.s. gonna add you to my list of beautiful friends... hope that's coo wit you

O'Briens said...

Hey since Laura already told you... I have a blog now! I found you through liz's blog :) Anyway, cute little pregnant tummy in the picture!

Oh and our blog is


The Cunninghams said...

You look amazing! Congratulations! I love that everyone is getting pregnant, and I'm glad I found your blog so I can keep up with your life!