Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Well it's official, WE'RE HAVING A BOY! Much to Neal's surprise (because he thought it was a girl) the ultrasound revealed it all. We had our ultrasound on September 4th and it was so much fun to get to see our little man wiggleing around all over the place. The ultrasound tech commented on how active our little boy was =). Everything looked great and our due date is right on for January 24.

We are still talking about names, boy names are so much harder for us to come up with than girl names. But it is so fun for us to call him a "him" and not an "it" anymore!

We so enjoyed seeing him move around and be his own little person! In fact we liked it so much that this weekend Neal rented a portable ultrasound from school (one of the perks of being a medical student) and took it home so we could look at our little guy again. Nat and Chris were over and got to watch him with us. He is so cute and sooo active and we even caught him sucking his thumb!

The latest development was last night when we got to SEE my stomach moving when he kicked. It really does look like a little alien moving around in my stomach. We are having so much fun planning and dreaming about being parents. Thats all for now, I really will try and be more regular with the posts as things come up. Lots of love to family and friends.


Paul and Ashley Hynes said...

That is so amazing! Congratulations! It has been great seeing you at Janessa's wedding events.

O'Briens said...

How exciting to be able to start to see your stomach move... what an amazing gift babies are:) Love the ultrasound pictures!