Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My very first princess Birthday!!

So it wasn't the princess birthday party that you have when you are 6 but it was just as fun!! My birthday was last Thursday and Neal and I started out the day just being alone together. We slept in, he skipped class =), we went out to a HUGE breakfast (and ate the whole thing), then went and did some shopping. After all that we came home to get ready for a surprise birthday dinner. When we arrived at our destination we had three drag queens run out and surprise us!! It was so much fun.

They had clothes for Neal and I also so everybody could be in character, we even had gift bags full of costume jewelery, boas and wigs. Once we were all dressed the guys slapped each other around, posed for a few picts and strutted down the catwalk which was kinda scary. Then we all sat down for a civilized dinner together and afterwards had amazing banana cupcakes which were to die for. Thats when things got a little crazy and Natalie tried to stab Chris. Actually the picture just makes it look like that but it really looks like she is stabbing his arm. Then she and I got to go for a 5 mile birthday walk and the guys did the dishes. It was such a prefect night, one that none of us will forget.

Princess Birthday Party

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