Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yea for the Beach!

Well in true "me" fashion this post is almost two weeks after the event happened. October 3-5 we went to Rockaway beach with our best friends the Thorns for a weekend of fun and relaxation. We stayed in and watched movies, played games the boys skim boarded and we even got a glimpse of the illusive October sun.

It was a great weekend here are a few random picts from it.

This one is of the boys skim boarding and yes it was very cold, Oregon coast+ October =FREEZING!!

On this trip I rediscovered a really fun game, Taboo! I havnen't played that game in forever. We played like 3 rounds of it trying each time to mix up the teams. First boy girl, then opposite couples and finally couples. Everyone won at least one round except Chris. In his words "he was the weakest link".

Well all is well with the little bean. We feel and see tons of movement which is so fun and never gets old! I'm 26 weeks now and it really is going fast. Alright sorry if this was more than you wanted to know, bye for now.


joshandliz said...

Hi girlfriend,

I know, I am the worst friend in the world!! I completely owe you a phone call. Glad you guys could get away to the beach! Glad baby D is doing well!

joshandliz said...

It's me again =) If anyone needs to post new prego pictures, it's YOU!! You haven't posted any since you were 18 1/2 little scalleywagon.