Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby bump update

It has been quite some time since I have updated my "bump" pictures. I think we've already established that i'm not very good at this blogging thing but I try. We have had an awesome last month. Baby boy is still kicking and rolling around in there all the time. His latest thing, well actually it's been like the last 4 weeks, is that he frequently gets the hiccups! They'll last for maybe 5-10 min or so but it's so cute!

Kristi at 27 weeks, Neal at 62 weeks.......

Me at 30 weeks! 

Two weeks ago we worked on the nursery. God has totally blessed us beyond what we had hoped for in a crib and dresser. Neal and I were convinced that we were going to have to buy used on craigslist and we were completely fine with that. Cribs and dresses are so expensive, used and new. We decided to go to one last place and look so we went Burlington coat factory because randomly they have baby stuff along with a lot of other crap. They had a dresser and crib on clearance there that we purchased for less than we were going to spend on one used crib on craigslist! Praise the Lord that he not only answers prayers but he goes above and beyond our expectations! Both pieces are hardwood and not particle board and we still got a screaming deal on them. Anyway that was huge for us and it started a huge project night for us of painting the baby room, removing all the extra furniture and putting all our new treasures in there!! So much fun and thank God for amazing friends that sacrifice their Saturday nights. God is so good and we praise him for all of our blessings! The nursery isn't quite done but i'll post picts of it soon!

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